Does Your Closet Need a Make-Over?

Ladies, Are you sitting there thinking that you  -OWN -the wardrobe, but not sure -WHERE- everything has gone, or -HOW- to piece the clothes you own together? Let me come to you for your very own ‘Closet Edit’, and we can work through some of the most common wardrobing dilemma’s together! -Lee

5 Must Have Pieces for Fall

If you feel overwhelmed by this season’s multitude of trends, concentrate on these 5 key pieces for Fall. These pieces add versatility and “trend” to your existing wardrobe.   This Season’s Most Versatile Pieces:   1.      Scarves- Scarves are a very fun wardrobe addition because they offer a fun and sophisticated pop of color to… Read More

How Image Affects the Fruit You Buy

Do you think your image doesn’t matter?  Close your eyes and picture yourself in the produce isle of the grocery store, choosing apples.  Without any real thought you pick up one apple after the other until you find the perfect one.  Some of those apples may be bruised or old, but some of the ones… Read More

The Good News about the Economy

People ask me all the time if the economy is hurting my business. The answer is: it’s not, and in fact, it’s just the opposite. We are busier than ever, and are showing our clients that the economy doesn’t have to impact their wadrobes negatively. Instead, we are presented with an opportunity to be more… Read More