FREE WEBINAR: 10 Spring Trends You CAN Wear!

Are you tired of wasting money on trends you only wear once? Do you ever wonder what’s “in” and what’s “out”? Are you too busy to keep up with the latest fashions? If you said “yes” you need to join me, Lee Heyward, for this no-cost webinar where I will show you what trends you… Read More

ORANGE You Glad it’s Spring!

Ok, I’m calling it. It’s springtime. I realize the official start of Spring isn’t until Tuesday but why not start having fun with your Spring wardrobe today. Spring is one of my favorite fashion seasons because there are so many clothing items that can instantly jazz up a wardrobe.  One super easy way to add pizzazz… Read More

Ready for a $99 Makeover?

A $99 Makeover! Are you frustrated with a closet full of nothing to wear? Do you spend way too much time choosing outfits? Do the clothes you put on never look or fit the way you want? Sound familiar? Don’t worry! I’ve got the solution (no matter where you live). And, it’s only $99. No matter… Read More

The PERFECT Gift…Style Confidence!

Do you know a woman who wants to feel confident about her style? Who doesn’t!?! I have the pleasure of working with many different women and every single woman wants answers! She wants to know what will fit her body shape, why she feels bored with her wardrobe, and how to know what looks right…. Read More

Shopping Never Ends At the Store

Did you do any shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? It is the season for good deals and shopping fun. I’m working in NC this week and had a great shopping trip with a client on Saturday. We found some great pieces that she could use to make different outfits for both work and… Read More

Your Fall Wardrobe Must Have: Tights

Make sure your skirts are ready for fall with great tights. They are a great way to jazz up your favorite dress or skirt and can help you stay warm. Be sure your tight wardrobe includes . . . Basic Black and Chocolate Tights. Try the reversible option from SPANX. You get two tights in… Read More