Transformation Tools
for Great Style

Any stylist can tell you that the right clothes and accessories are only half of the perfect style equation. The other half is understanding how to make style easy for your lifestyle, body shape, and personality.

These Transformation Tools are designed to help you pull off effortless style every single day.

Simply, Effortless, Style

Simply Effortless Style: My brand-new paperback book walks you step-by-step through the essentials of shopping, planning outfits, and dressing with confidence. Get your copy today to start learning how to love your style.


Shop Smart to Creat a Wardrobe You Love

Shop Smart to Create a Wardrobe You Love Guide & Workbook: Erase the frustration of walking into your closet and having nothing to wear! Learn how to shop smart, and make a plan that helps you create a wardrobe you love. This FREE guide will help you discover where to start, how to buy what you need, and easy ways you can get the most out of each new purchase. Every time you shop, use the Shop Smart Workbook to keep you on track.



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