When I first consulted Lee about developing a new work wardrobe after a promotion, I was very apprenhensive. I seldom enjoy shopping and am on a limited budget. As a nurse, I had worn scrubs for years, and dreaded the thought of having to choose nice clothes for work every day. After working with Lee, I can say that it was one of the best decisions I've made! For every dollar I spent hiring Lee, I have saved several dollars, not to mention time, by knowing where and how to select clothes that can be combined to create many outfits out of a few items. For the first time in my life, I have a wardrobe I feel good about! Lee had me fill out a style quetionnaire before meeting with her, and even before we got together I felt like she was prepared to work with me. When I shop, I usually try on several items without finding anything I like, but Lee picked out clothes that fit so well and were so versatile that I loved just about everything I put on! She then took photos of the many different outfits I could make by combining the items I chose, and I was amazed! It is clear that she really loves what she does and cares about her clients' success. I am very grateful to have found such a wonderful resource. 

- Amy - Charleston, SC


"I would see styles that looked great on models, but when I got to a store and into a fitting room I had a very hard time finding things that actually looked good on ME. Lee helped me identify what styles work for my body and for the professional image I want. After working with Lee, I can quickly identify which clothes I should be trying on. Now when I get into the fitting room I actually feel great because the clothes look great! The styles Lee has taught me how to choose make me feel professionally confident and personally fantastic. Thanks Lee!"

- Anne Conrad - Antoville President - Working Woman Aging Parents


"Today I felt like a million bucks. In fact, I even ordered a healthy lunch because of it. I can't believe how buying a few new pieces has helped me stay on track with my weight loss goals. My new outfits have put the pep back in my step and I couldn't be happier. Lee, thank you for such a fun shopping trip. I could never have imagined that buying clothes in a size I'm not excited about could make me feel so awesome."

- Andrea Johnston - Raleigh, NC


I love style guides and books and felt "What new things could I possibly learn?" Well, Lee's book is full of thoughtful questions and incite, packing guides, places for your own style notes, and more. I can tell it is going to be a useful tool in my life ; I can tell I will reread it every few years. Heyward is not selling her services or recommending costly items, just helping you think through what you want your style to be and how to achieve it with a few additions to what you already have. Thank you for the book, Lee.

- Boo "glitterboo"- Posted on Amazon.com


“Lee, I just wanted to thank you for all your help in finally having the kind of wardrobe that makes me look the same way I feel! You have helped me accomplish a goal and a dream I have had for years and I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

- Tanya Boggs ~ Charleston, SC


Lee Heyward is a fashion rock star! She single-handedly taught me how to put colors, clothes and accessories together to make me feel fabulous.  Shopping was fun (and successful) because I knew what to buy for my shape and personal style, and if I was unsure I just texted her a picture and she gave me her honest feedback. PRICELESS! I loved Lee's realistic approach to discovering my style. Working with her was one of the best things I've ever done for myself.

- -Steph Tuss - Ellicott City, MD


"When I met Lee to shop, she was dressed in a stylish but classic outfit and I was reassured that she wasn't some far-out trend-following fashionista who would try to put me in 12-inch high glow-in-the-dark stiletto heels and a gold lame jumpsuit. As we shopped, Lee encouraged me to try clothing that was very different from the stuff I would usually choose. Lee explained why some things would work for me while other shapes would not. For me, seeing was believing. I took a chance and tried on a sweater Lee had suggested. I saw a thinner, younger and more vibrant looking woman staring at me from the mirror. After I got home I modeled my new look to my husband. He cheered and asked me to tell Lee how impressed he was with her ability to get me into clothes that showed off my ''wonderfully curvy figure''.

Since working with Lee shopping and looking good has been so much fun for me. I get compliments on the way I look just about every time I go somewhere. In fact, I recently had dinner and a drink at a local restaurant. When I asked for the check, I found out that a gentleman I hadn't even noticed had paid for my drink - and God only knows how long it has been since THAT happened! "

- Sherry Maugans - N. Charleston, SC


I just wanted to thank you again for all your style advice and inspiration. You gave me a ton of ideas for outfits I probably would have never thought of trying since my fashion creative juice doesn't come in too many flavors. You are wonderful at your job and it shows. I have actually worn two of the new outfits and felt fabulous. My boyfriend even mentioned how tall I looked in my new pants! Total score!

- Angela Poplin - Columbia, SC


“I was happy to find the Charleston Style Concierge on a recent trip to Charleston.  I had wanted some input into my wardrobe for some time, and Lee’s style advice helped me create a great wardrobe that reflects my personal style and love of color.  While shopping with Lee, I learned how to buy clothing that flatters my body and developed a wardrobe that reflects my personality, sense of humor, and work ethic.  I now buy pieces that integrate into my existing wardrobe and I feel great about the mix and match wardrobe I now have.  Thank you for all your help!”

- Adrienne Rashford - Khartoum, Sudan


"I truly benefited from the closet edit I gave my wife with the Charleston Style Concierge.  Our closet has never been so organized and enjoyable.  The style advice you gave my wife has increased her confidence and saved me money!  Thank you for all of your help."

- Andy Johnston - Chapel Hill, NC


Things are going great with my closet - I've already had a much easier time getting dressed since you re-organized because now I don't feel overwhelmed by everything. Thanks to your suggestions, I've been able to wear a few of my tops that I had relegated to the "going out" section of my closet which is terrific! Also, after getting your closet edit email with the list of things we'll be shopping for, I kept an eye out for them and have found pieces I love.

I'm also looking at everything with a new eye so I'm putting things together differently. It's funny how those 4 hours made more of a difference than the countless hours of reading fashion mags and watching both versions of What Not to Wear ever did.

- Renee Boltin - Charleston, SC


I can’t thank you enough for the help you have given me in just one short session. My Virtual Style Consultation was more than I could have hoped for. Your examples of actual products in online stores really helped me to visualize what you were telling me. I went shopping this weekend for a few hours. I kept everything you said in mind and I didn’t get frusturated. For the first time EVER I’m excited about updating my wardrobe. I really can’t thank you enough. You are amazing!!! Thanks again!!

- Rachel Muraca - Kansas City, MO


 "Lee, you helped me years ago by showing me how to dress attractively. Well, I just wanted you to know that I'm still dressing your way and am still getting compliments every time I go out! Thank you so much for everything. I am a very satisfied senior!!"

- Wanda Wilson - Charleston, SC


"Having the Style Concierge edit my closet is the best investment I've ever made in myself! I feel 100% better about my wardrobe and have shaved at least 20 minutes off time I spend looking for something to wear each day.  I didn't realize how many clothes I'd been holding onto for years."

- Michelle Salater - Charleston, SC


"I was a little apprehensive about having Lee do a Closet Edit. After all, who really wants someone rooting around in the depths of that black hole and judging what they find? But I knew I needed some help. I have plenty of clothes (two double closets full) but I kept finding myself going to the same few outfits, especially when it came to casual weekend wear. We had a great time, though, putting together new combinations I'd never thought of before -- and Lee wasn't judgmental at all. I keep hearing about shopping your closet in these recessionary times - and it really does work! I took all my "new" outfits on a recent trip to Italy and looked just great, if I do say so myself."

- Christine Randall - Charleston, SC


"Ever since my wife's closet edit she has been much happier about her clothing.  Buying clothes was always a source of frustration for her.  Since her edit she has come back from her shopping trips smiling and showing off her clothes; a major improvement.  I have noticed a dramatic difference in my wife's appearance since her closet makeover.  I feel like she has always dressed as if she is much older than she really is.  Her new clothes are more colorful and fun, making her appear younger and more vibrant.  Not only do I think my wife's outfits are significantly improved, she does as well.  Her attitude towards her new look has been really refreshing. It is great to see her so happy about her clothing."

- Michael Broadway - Mt. Pleasant, SC


"I had a fantastic time shopping with you. You not only helped improve my current wardrobe but also taught me a lot about how to shop for myself in the future. I think of you often when I wear my fabulous new clothes. I looked and felt great on my trip to Italy, and had a fantastic 30th birthday dinner at one of Savannah's best restaurants. It felt great to celebrate with my husband wearing an outfit I felt stylish and confident in. You absolutely upgraded my look. The best part was that you did it with pieces that are comfortable and easy to wear. You truly gave me something to look forward to while I was deployed in Iraq. Thank you!"

- Jennifer Hurrle - Savannah, GA


"My closet edit with the Style Concierge was invaluable.  The Style Concierge brought my wardrobe potential to life with ideas on how to put certain pieces together, make my favorites more versatile, and identified key pieces I needed to supplement my existing wardrobe.  I feel more professional and put-together at work, and more sophisticated when I go out.  When I’m shopping, I have new understanding of what I’m looking for and how to make items more versatile."

- Janelle Varlas - Mt. Pleasant, SC


I became a new business owner in the summer of 2009 and I wanted my wardrobe to reflect my new "lease on life" that I felt I had. I needed to look professional, but not boring; approachable, but in control. Lee's ability to take this situation and resurrect my closet was unbelievable. I could not put my finger on why I had started to hate much of my wardrobe and after just a few minutes in my closet (and a few try-ons) Lee diagnosed the issue: my clothes were not fitting properly! Many skirts and dresses were too long, resulting in a look that made me feel short and immature and not "in charge". As a shorter woman, I'm very self conscious of appearing short and "young looking".  Rather than throwing out all my clothes (which I had slightly anticipated), we found ones to keep that just needed alterations.

In the stores Lee conquered another issue of mine - believing everything the sales person told me. No wonder I had a bunch of clothes that didn't fit! All they had to say was - "oh, it fits you perfectly!" and I was sold. Lee made sure to show me what actually did fit and why others did not. She kept me from caving at last moment and during impulse situations and helped me make rational purchasing decisions. I have never felt so certain about my appearance and so excited about my closet. I love being a CSC VIP and plan on being a lifetime member! :) Thanks Lee!

- Sarah Hays - Mt. Pleasant, SC


"I was very impressed with the closet organizing tips I learned during my closet edit.  Lee’s organization advice continues to help me dress quickly and effortlessly.  As a result of my closet edit I have changed what I buy and no longer waste time and money buying duplicate articles of clothing.  I am now confident in my ability to choose clothing that enhances my current wardrobe and makes me feel good about myself."

- Carol - Folly Beach, SC


"After my closet edit with Lee I feel re-energized and positive about my wardrobe.  I now feel more confident about myself and my ability to pull off the right outfit for every occasion.  Lee helped me discover why I hadn’t been wearing 85% of my clothes, and showed me the value and fun of mixing and matching.  The Style Concierge exceeded my expectations and showed me I could maintain my minimalist philosophy without feeling deprived of great clothes."

- Peggy Spillinger - Charleston, SC


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